Ever since the 1987 debut of Cherry Garcia, ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's have often turned to the world of rock n' roll to name their flavors. However, they are currently considering changing the name of one of their latest creations, the Led Zeppelin-inspired Hazed and Confused.

The problem stems not from a potential lawsuit over copyright infringement, but from an unfortunate connection with the name of the flavor, which is a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut ice creams with fudge chips and a hazelnut fudge core. As Bloomberg reports, Lianne and Brian Kowiak of Tampa, FL have taken exception to the use of the word "hazed." In 2008, their 19-year old son Harrison died in a fraternity hazing incident, and they feel the name unintentionally makes light of the practice.

“I just paused and I was shocked and we were dismayed,” Lianne Kowiak said. “I was just upset about it.”

Kowiak and other anti-hazing activists have expressed their concerns to Ben & Jerry's, known for the commitment to progressive causes. Sean Greenwood, a spokesman for the company, acknowledged that the Kowiaks had a point. “I know where we came from on this,” he said. “So I feel very comfortable we have no malintent with this, but it doesn’t mean that family wasn’t upset about it.”

The company will discuss the possibility of changing the name at its global leadership meeting next month. Hazed and Confused was introduced this past February.

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