The lineup for this year's Glastonbury Festival is impressive, with appearances booked from a list of acts that includes Blondie, the Black Keys, Dolly Parton, and Arcade Fire. But there's one missing band that organizer Michael Eavis would still love to add -- this or any year.

As he admitted during a recent interview with Ireland AM, Eavis would dearly love to book Led Zeppelin -- and even though the band's surviving members have continually rebuffed his efforts to broker another onstage reunion, he remains convinced that one day, he'll be able to make it happen. "That will happen one day. I'm sure of it," insisted Eavis. "They will do it."

A live set from ex-Zeppelin members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones would be rare enough to make news (and probably cost the festival quite a bit of money), but it wouldn't be entirely without precedent; as fans well remember, the surviving trio has reunited several times since breaking up in the wake of drummer John Bonham's 1980 death, with the most recent show -- later commemorated in the CD/DVD package 'Celebration Day' -- coming in December of 2007.

Of course, no one from the Zeppelin camp has given any indication that they'd be willing to play Glastonbury, so for the moment, Eavis' dreams will have to remain just that. In the meantime, perhaps he can content himself with the band's latest round of reissues.

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