Even if you are a diehard Kiss fan who proudly owns everything from Kiss condoms to pillowcases, we're still not sure you are ready for this new batch of Kiss merchandise. Funko will release Kiss Plushies, which are 7" tall, soft 'n' cuddly stuffed dolls (not action figures, mind you) bearing the band’s image and likeness.

The Plushies are the closest thing to cute that Gene Simmons and co. will ever come! The renderings are loyal to each member's stage persona. The line consists of four dolls: Gene Simmons' 'Demon,' Paul Stanley's 'Starchild,' Ace Frehley's 'Spaceman' and Peter Criss' 'The Catman.'

Gene's doll boasts a long, red tongue and those signature dragon boots. The plush rendering of The Demon isn't quite as scary as the real thing. Now if it came with a button that you press to make it spit blood, then we might be a little freaked out. But it doesn't, so it's safe for kids and shouldn't scar them for life.

The Paul Stanley Plushie even has an open shirt, to expose that infamous chest hair! Nice touch on the designer's part. Ace Frehley's spaceman look is spot on, while Peter Criss' green cat-eye stare is effectively captured.

The Plushies will look totally cool on a collector's shelf or on your kids' beds. We recommend 'em for Kiss fans that would like to introduce their young children to the band in a non-offensive, quiet, soft and huggable way. You gotta start somewhere, right? First a Kiss Plushie and then a few spins of 'Destroyer,' maybe?

The dolls are available for pre-order here. They will begin shipping on Sept. 11, at which time they will be available at local FYE stores. Each doll will retail between $10.99 and $12.99.

Start your Kiss-mas shopping early!

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