Gene Simmons believes Kiss could head into the studio to record their next album as soon as 2016.

"It will happen when we have time," he cautioned when the subject of a new LP was raised during a recent interview. "I have music in me that needs to come out. I recently wrote a song called 'Your Wish Is My Command.' It feels like a Kiss song and it just needs to be released on a Kiss album."

And although it wasn't that long ago that his longtime partner Paul Stanley suggested the band could "move forward without new music," Simmons insists Stanley — and the rest of the band — is on board. In fact, he predicts Stanley will continue to serve in a production capacity.

"I’m glad about that," Simmons added, pointing out that he doesn't "have the energy" to show up to the studio every day and give new music the hands-on effort it requires. "Paul doesn’t have so many other things in his life that demand attention, so he can concentrate fully on the project."

Before they can start thinking about another album, though, Kiss have to clear their tour schedule, which Simmons says will take them until the end of the year — and closer to the inevitable day that they really will have to mount a farewell tour.

"While Mick Jagger is performing at 71, I probably won’t succeed," he predicted. Don't expect retirement to come anytime soon, however — as Simmons puts it, "As long as all the band members can prove we’re the best band in the world, Kiss persists."

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