Kiss is hoping their new album 'Monster' does something none of their previous albums were able to do. No, they're not hoping it gets them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. According to Paul Stanley, they want a No. 1 record.

"'Monster' should be our album that should shoot to No. 1 and it's an album that does justice to everything we've done before," Stanley says in the video below. Both 'Sonic Boom' (2009) and 'Psycho Circus' (1998) came close, as did 1977's 'Love Gun.' All debuted in the Top 5.

As far as the direction of the album, Stanley would only say that it will make longtime fans of the band very, very happy. "'Monster' right now is in chains," the Starchild says of the record's pending release. "It's by far the best thing we've done in decades." No official release date has been announced for the project, but numerous reports have the album coming out in June.

Watch Paul Stanley Talk About 'Monster'

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