In our recently published exclusive interview with original Yes singer Jon Anderson, the musician took his former bandmates to task by suggesting that they didn't have patience for him to recover from a lengthy illness.

In 2008, Anderson was hospitalized with acute respiratory failure and advised not to tour for six months. The illness forced Yes to cancel a planned 40th anniversary tour. Several months later, his bandmates decided to tour as 'Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White of Yes.' Since then, Yes has continued to tour without Anderson, including a summer trek with Styx that just launched last night in Camden, N.J.

"They wanted to keep on touring, and I was sick and couldn’t tour," Anderson told us. "So, they got probably upset, and thought, 'No, we want to tour,' and they got someone else to sing. And you say, well … OK, at the time, you know, it was, 'Why didn’t they wait until I got healthy?' I believe you find out who your friends are when you get sick. You know, it just happens that’s what they wanted to do."

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