Metal veterans Godsmack have released a brand-new version of Joe Walsh's classic anthem 'Rocky Mountain Way.' The song will be included as a bonus track on their upcoming live album, 'Live & Inspired,' which will feature in-concert versions of nine of their own tunes as well as four covers.

The album, largely drawn from a 2010 concert at Detroit's beautiful Fox Theatre, will be in stores on May 15. However, you don't have to wait that long to hear the song, which recently began streaming on the group's official Facebook page.

Once you get over the dramatic shift in genres, it's about as faithful a cover as you could probably expect from Godmack. After opening with some sludgy metal riffage, the song kicks in with the familiar slide guitar lick. Sully Erna's vocals are powerful and the band pushes it hard. They've even kept the talkbox solo.

Still, we have to admit their take is missing some of the sly coolness that Walsh brought to his original, which was just revealed as the No. 57 track on our ongoing Top 100 Classic Rock Songs countdown.

Listen to Godsmack Perform Joe Walsh's 'Rocky Mountain Way'

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