June 5 will see the release of 'Analog Man,' Joe Walsh's first album since 1992's 'Songs for a Dying Planet.' In a new interview, Walsh said that while touring with the Eagles has taken up a lot of his time, another reason for the delay is the result of quitting drinking in 1994.

"I had to relearn how to do everything without vodka," he told Rolling Stone. "For a while I just couldn't really go into the studio or around that kind of environment. Working on music when it started to get late…there were just too many triggers. I just had to learn to do it sober."

Working on 'Analog Man' seems to have inspired Walsh. He's even looking to put the James Gang back together for a tour of small clubs when there's no conflict with the Eagles' 40th anniversary tour next year.

"I think we do best in little clubs, like the House of Blues and stuff like that," he continued. "We agreed that if we do little venues, that we can really knock your socks off as a three-piece. So that's in my bucket list...But as soon as possible, the James Gang is going to go out and ride again."

Walsh featured three times in our countdown of the Top 100 Classic Rock Songs. The James Gang's 'Funk #49' came in at No. 84, his own 'Rocky Mountain Way' landed at No. 57, and the Eagles' 'Hotel California' was his highest-ranking song at No. 20.


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