Jimmy Page describes his new website as "the ideal vehicle to present my past, present and future work." In an interview posted on his website, the Led Zeppelin guitarist talks about why the time was finally right for him to launch his official site, JimmyPage.com.

Page tells journalist Pete Makowski that he's a supporter of the various fan sites using his likeness, but wanted to have an official site to respond to inaccuracies and rumors. "Over the years, with the Internet and forums, urban musical myths start to change what actually happened at the time," Page says. "And then it comes into the world of Twitter and blogging, of which I'm going to be doing neither."

He adds that he also wants to usher younger fans into his world, and show them that he's much more diverse than a few iconic images and songs. Each day, viewers can enjoy the "On This Day" feature. It's a moment in history from Page's days working with Led Zeppelin, the Yardbirds or his various other collaborations.

"It's an interesting concept because every day you are going to have an event from my life and it will go all the way back to me being a teenager, still at school and playing in London bands while I lived in Epsom — which at the time seemed miles away. So, it starts from there and the next day it could be when I played at the Olympics, because my career spans several decades."

Membership at Jimmy Page's website is free, but one must register to gain access to the photos, news and other postings from the rock 'n' roll legend.

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