Worn the grooves out on your copy of Jimi Hendrix's 'Electric Ladyland?' Here's a new way to experience one of that album's key cuts, as Luna Lee reimagines 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)' on a traditional Korean instrument called the gayageum.

Some jokey new Gangnam-style internet sensation, this ain't. Instead, Luna plays it completely straight, replicating every one of Hendrix's flame-kissed licks with only a pre-recorded backing track and this 12-string zither-like accompaniment. Once the initial novelty wears off, an intriguing, very Eastern placidity settles in around all of the track's now-familiar boiling psychedelia.

Luna has created something both instantly recognizable, and utterly new.

And 'Voodoo Child' is no one-off experiment, either. Elsewhere on Luna's YouTube channel, she takes on Hendrix's 'Axis: Bold as Love' and 'Little Wing,' though with the Stevie Ray Vaughan arrangement. For fans of this traditional instrument's ageless sound, you can also play along with a new app, developed by the gayageum-led band Oriental Express.

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