The metal mashup mastermind behind YouTube's TheTaskmaster channel is at it again.

Continuing a series of uploads that includes such notable entries as the Metallica / Megadeth mashup "Welcome My Darkest Hour," which brings together Megadeth’s "In My Darkest Hour" with Metallica’s "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)," Taskmaster has returned from a hiatus with a new clip that unites Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

Titled "The Wicker Eye," this video — which you can watch above — answers the question of what it would sound like if someone made a single song out of Maiden's "The Wicker Man" and Priest's "The Hellion / Electric Eye." Reaching across continents and eras, "The Wicker Eye" mashes up one of Maiden's premier latter-day efforts (originally released as part of 2000's Brave New World reunion album with returning members Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith) with a classic Priest twofer from 1982's Screaming for Vengeance LP.

If you like what you hear here, there are plenty of earlier efforts in the archives, and "The Wicker Eye" promises to be the first example of a renewed commitment to metal mashup glory. "I've been away from my channel too long. Look here for a heavy metal mashup every Monday here for as long as I can keep it up — into the summer I'm sure," reads the "Wicker Eye" description, which also includes a link to Taskmaster's own band. "Do you wanna see more? Be sure to let me know with a like, share, or comment. Or let me know if you don't like it even — give me a request."

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