Iron Maiden have announced a March 26 release date for 'En Vivo!,' a DVD capturing their April 11, 2011 concert in front of 50,000 raucous fans at the Estadio Nacional, in Santiago, Chile.

The two-disc set includes the entire Santiago concert from their Final Frontier world tour captured in high definition on one disc, with an 88-minute documentary titled 'Behind the Beast' on the second disc.

The concert was captured digitally using 22 high definition cameras and a flying "octocam" for aerial shots, with sound recorded in both stereo and 5.1 audio and mixed by longtime Maiden producer Kevin "Caveman" Shirley.

The footage includes extensive use of split screens to capture the action of multiple members simultaneously, and the show's set list draws on everything from classics like 'The Number of the Beast' through to selections from the band's most recent studio album, 2010's 'The Final Frontier.' (Check out the complete 17-song set list below.)

"For The Final Frontier tour it was really important to me that we filmed in South America. We're always so overwhelmed by the fans' reaction when we go to that part of the world, and I wanted to reflect that in the filming," says Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris. "After much consideration we chose the Santiago show as we felt it was one of our best performances of the entire tour, and to play at the prestigious Estadio Nacional was a landmark moment for us."

The 'Behind the Beast' documentary was made by Maiden's in-house production team and is meant as a behind-the-scenes "home movie" look into what goes on into making a Maiden concert a reality. Featuring interviews with the band and live performance clips, it offers a rare look at the massive undertaking involved in staging a stadium tour as it travels around the globe.

Also included is an extended version of the 'Satellite 15 ... The Final Frontier' promo video, another video about the making of 'Satellite 15' and the opening video sequence used to introduce the band at the start of every concert on the Final Frontier world tour.

Iron Maiden 'En Vivo!' Track Listing:

1. 'Satellite 15'
2. 'The Final Frontier'
3. 'El Dorado'
4. '2 Minutes To Midnight'
5. 'The Talisman'
6. 'Coming Home'
7. 'Dance Of Death'
8. 'The Trooper'
9. 'The Wicker Man'
10. 'Blood Brothers'
11. 'When The Wild Wind Blows'
12. 'The Evil That Men Do'
13. 'Fear Of The Dark'
14. 'Iron Maiden'
15. 'The Number Of The Beast'
16. 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'
17. 'Running Free'

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