We won't be able to get our hands on the new Led Zeppelin boxes until June, but the BBC didn't have to wait -- and they've shared some of their good fortune with the rest of us.

The network is previewing a pair of the sets' previously unreleased cuts a few weeks early, offering fans an opportunity to check out an early demo version of the 'Led Zeppelin II' classic 'Whole Lotta Love' as well as the band's take on the 1940 blues standard 'Key to the Highway,' recorded in 1970 (and referred to in the BBC's report as 'Keys to the Highway'). It's just a small glimpse of the "lots of surprises" promised by guitarist Jimmy Page, who supervised the curating and remastering of the project -- and one that he says ultimately offers further proof that "It's undeniable that we're good. The band was the real deal."

Singer Robert Plant offered his own take on the songs, telling the BBC, "It was a particularly prolific time, where we were learning about each other's capabilities. Jimmy and I were just fooling around with the stuff that we would play at home. We were just trying things out. Nothing was premeditated."

These tracks join a growing list of previews from the sets, due June 3; earlier this month, the band revealed a 1969 live performance of 'Communication Breakdown.' With weeks to go before they show up in stores, it seems likely we can look forward to more advance looks -- even though the Zeppelin diehards they'll appeal to probably made up their minds to buy them as soon as they were announced.

As painstakingly as they've been put together, however, Plant insists that they shouldn't be seen as stuffy monuments to a musical legacy. "These things aren't to study," he pointed out. "They're to turn up very loud and say, 'Hey, once upon at time, everything was just as easy as this.'"

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