With Halloween right around the corner, we have something special for you: The children's classic 'Goodnight Moon' read by Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus.

In the above video (an exclusive from our sister site Loudwire), Oderus Urungus reads the bedtime story dressed in his usual Gwared-out costume, complete with massive weapons and spiked armor. He's also pretty much in your face as he turns the pages of the nighttime favorite.

Because Oderus had never heard of 'Goodnight Moon' before he read it for the camera (in typically NSFW fashion), he offers some amusing commentary along the way. "That's not a lot of stuff for one page," he says after turning the first one.

Four minutes -- and many, many F-bombs -- later, Oderus wraps up the story, which he sprinkles with his own perverted twists. References to rape, penises and parents dying in car accidents all make appearances in his version.

So, gather the little ones, and watch the video. You can thank us later for any nightmares it may cause.