Drummer Mickey Hart believes “as long as we’re above ground, there’s always a possibility” that the Grateful Dead will reunite for a tour, going on to state there's absolutely nothing holding them back other than timing.

When the band last toured in 2009, they experienced some personal tensions and creative differences and in turn, went their separate ways. Still, Hart never says never and is quick to acknowledge that there are differences in every family. When it comes to the jam band truckin’ forward, all things are negotiable.

Until then, Mickey Hart intends to keep busy with his new group, The Rhythm Devils. Meanwhile, singer and guitarist Bob Weir and bassist Phil Lesh are occupied with their side project, Further, who are going out on the road this fall.

Hart, recently interviewed by Rolling Stone, gets reminded that in 2010 Bob Weir insinuated that he and drummer Bill Kreutzmann were unable to pick up on new musical directions. “Phil and I are way more current,” said Weir, giving their band mates a poke that took a full year to get a reaction.

Hart responds, lightheartedly, "It doesn't really make sense. I mean, it's almost ludicrous. It's not a place that's beneficial to anyone. In the past I've said things that I've wished I could have taken back. Besides, I just saw Bob and Phil at [San Francisco's] AT&T Park when they had Grateful Dead day. It was really nice hanging out."

Hart is convinced that it was just a slip of the tongue statement and adds with the utmost of confidence that if Weir were here right now, they’d be having a real good laugh about it.

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