Last year’s mammoth ‘Europe ‘72’ release might have left some Grateful Dead fans in need of some extra shelf space. The same goes for the new ‘Dave’s Picks’ series that recently launched. So what now? Well, it’s time to make room for a big time digital upgrade to your collection of Dead concert films.

Shout! Factory will help bring home nearly all of the video-based Grateful Dead material that you could possibly want, with the April 17 release of ‘All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection,’ a 14 DVD set collecting nearly 38 hours of much-loved footage in one place for the first time.

Making its debut on DVD is ‘So Far,’ the 55-minute conceptual video that brought together footage from private sessions taped in Marin County, Calif., portions of the band’s 1985 New Year’s Eve concert and psychedelic visuals.

It was an experiment that upon reflection, the late Jerry Garcia admits they would have approached differently.

“The video is the Grateful Dead way of doing things, which turns out to be expensive, difficult and unrepeatable," he said of the flick in his 2000 biography, 'Garcia : An American Life. "If we went back to do this again, we’d come out with a different finished version. We couldn’t repeat it. If you’re going to do something, it’s important — for me, at any rate — to shoot high, even if you miss, or even if you’re accused of being pretentious ... We were after the idea of electronic mind-altering and consciousness-altering. And on that level, I think it’s pretty successful.”

Also included in ‘All The Years Combine’ are the previously released films and live concert documents ‘The Grateful Dead Movie,’ ‘The Closing Of Winterland,’ ‘Dead Ahead,’ ‘Truckin’ Up To Buffalo,’ ‘Ticket To New Year’s,’ ‘Downhill From Here,’ ‘View From The Vault,’ ‘View From The Vault Vol. 2,’  ‘View From The Vault Vol. 3’ and ‘View From The Vault Vol. 4.’ Think you can read that list off without pausing to take a breath?

‘All The Years Combine’ also adds some previously unreleased material with a bonus disc containing five performances from the Grateful Dead archives, the 1992 documentary directed by Justin Kreutzmann titled ‘Backstage Pass,' and a brand-new interview with Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux. Additionally, it also carries over all of the bonus material included on previous DVD editions of the films in the set.

Billed as the “definitive visual anthology” of the Dead, it will at the very least certainly keep you busy for quite a while!

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