For many artists, the opportunity to join the Rolling Stones in concert has to count as a career pinnacle — but when Grace Potter got the call to step out onstage for "Gimme Shelter" during the band's June 3 show in Minneapolis, she took the experience very much in stride.

"It's weird," Potter recalls in the above video interview with Diffuser. "I got up onstage and it was like I'd been doing it my whole life. I know that sounds really weird to say, but it was completely natural. I fell into it like, 'Oh yeah, this is what happens when you go on stage and there's Mick Jagger there, and Keith Richards there, and Charlie Watts is there. ... I mean, Ronnie Wood, he's such a little shenanigan boy, he's always, like, mixing it up. And it was like, 'Yeah, this is totally normal. I know all these guys really well.' I mean, I was obviously humbled and completely awestruck, but somehow, I think the adrenaline and really the 'don't mess this whole thing up' of the situation hit me, and I managed to wrangle it together in time."

Potter, who's prepping her debut solo outing away from her longtime band the Nocturnals for an August release, was on hand for Mountain Jam over the weekend, and later in the interview, she jokes that 2015 festival headliner Robert Plant is on her list of dream collaborators. "I'm giving him a hard time about it because he's a buddy," she points out. "I'm like, 'Dude, hook a girl up.'"

Check out Grace Potter's performance of "Gimme Shelter" with the Rolling Stones below.

Watch Rolling Stones Featuring Grace Potter Perform "Gimme Shelter" on June 3, 2015

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