Gov't Mule closed out Friday night's Mountain Jam lineup with a generous, faithful performance of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon – and threw in a big chunk of Wish You Were Here to boot.

This is going to be one of those "you really should have been there" reviews (and why weren't you? We've been telling you about this for months now). The group reverently and faithfully brought this classic music to life with skill and obvious passion. Frontman Warren Haynes did a fantastic job channeling the calm vocals and precise guitar playing of David Gilmour, and his interplay with drummer Matt Abts, keyboardist Danny Louis and bassist Jorgen Carlsson remains a delight.

Fans expecting a simple song by song recreation of Pink Floyd's 1973 masterpiece were instead treated to a cleverly re-arranged set list. The show began with the 1971 Meddle side two opus "Echoes," then launched into nearly all of Dark Side, and then took another exciting detour as the group played most of 1975's Wish You Were Here before revisiting "Echoes" and ending on a triumphant "Comfortably Numb." Like we said... you shoulda been there.

Luckily for you, there's plenty more great music still to be played at Mountain Jam – including a second set from Gov't Mule and a headlining performance from the Black Keys. You can watch the whole thing streaming live from the comfort of your own home right here. Be sure to check out our collection of photos from Robert Plant's amazing set from last night as well.

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