If you think the popular rock 'n' roll legend that Gene Simmons has slept with 4,600 woman is a ridiculous farce, you'd be right -- only, probably not in the way you'd expect. The number is even larger than that, the Kiss star claims in a new interview with The Sun. How much larger?

"It's 4,800," he tells the British tabloid. "I took Polaroid photos for a long time," he adds, explaining how he can be so specific. "I took photos of the vast majority. It just proves you can be an ugly b------ and if you've got the right job you'll have access."

Apparently Simmons has the right job, although which job that is -- rock star, reality TV star, occasional actor, head of a vast and ever-expanding rock 'n' roll merchandising empire -- isn't clear.

"If you're a rock star you will get some," he clarifies, "even if you're Lemmy."

The Lemmy he speaks of is, of course, Lemmy Kilmister, singer of the British heavy metal band Motorhead. Lemmy claims he's bedded 2,000 ladies, although Maxim magazine's Top 10 Living Sex Legends tally, which was published in 2006, claims his number is "only" 1,200.

For the record, Simmons landed at No. 3 on the Maxim list with -- there's that number again -- 4,600 conquests, although the fact that Maxim's numbers are from five years ago could easily explain the difference.

For the sake of Gene Simmons new wife, though, let's hope that the number doesn't go up any higher. And if it does, at least Kiss have their own brand of condoms to help "seal the deal."

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