The crash that took place at the South by Southwest festival earlier this month has now claimed in its fourth victim. An 18-year old, DeAndre Tatum, has died, according to the Austin Police Department.

KXAN reports that Tatum had been in critical condition since March 13, when a car broke through a barricade and collided with a crowd outside the Mohawk Bar. Two people -- Jamie West and Steven Craenmehr -- were killed instantly. Sandy Thun Le died three days later. Twenty-one others were injured.

Rashad Owens remains in police custody on $3 million bail after a breathalyzer test revealed a blood-alcohol content of .114, well above Texas' legal limit of .09. Owens allegedly sped off rather than face a DWI checkpoint and drove the wrong way down a one-way street before going through the barricade. Police said that his car drove through the closed-off street for a few blocks before colliding with a van. He has been charged with capital murder and several counts of assault.

Tatum's girlfriend, Curtisha Davis, suffered broken bones and a neck injury in the crash, but was released from the hospital on March 18.

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