Former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing is almost finished writing the second album for his current band Before Cars. In addition, he's not ruling out the idea of reuniting musically with former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic.

"I don't talk to Krist very often, but we have spoken a couple of times within the past year," Channing tells Rolling Stone. "I would definitely entertain the idea of working with him if the opportunity should arise. Definitely."

Channing, who was Nirvana's stickman for their first album, 'Bleach,' will not only serve as the drummer for Before Cars' upcoming disc but also as the vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He'll be accompanied by guitarist Paul Burback, multi-instrumentalist Andy Miller and violinist Justine Jeanotte. The disc will follow the release of Before Cars' debut album, 2008's 'Walk Back.'

The new album does not have a title yet, but some tracks on it already have been named. Working song titles include 'Trip to Mars,' 'Jerk Water,' 'How We Run' and 'The Last Times.' Channing is "hoping to get into the studio by late summer or early fall."

"It's going to be a lot different than the first one I did, which was kind of like a personal anthology -- it had songs I had written before Nirvana, during Nirvana, after Nirvana, and up until the record was done," Channing adds. "This is just all new stuff. It's got a lot influence from Seventies singer-songwriter type of stuff. It's kind of like a mix between David Bowie meets Gordon Lightfoot."

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