Foreigner keyboardist Michael Bluestein, who has also performed with Stevie Nicks and Boz Scaggs, has been diagnosed with cancer, and will take an indefinite leave of absence from the band as he undergoes treatment.

As Bluestein explains in a statement released to the forum section of Foreigner's official website, "I recently went to the hospital following some symptoms, and it was discovered that I have colorectal cancer. This has required me to take a leave of absence from the band for a significant period."

The Berklee College of Music graduate is thankfully keeping his spirits up, and already looking forward to performing for fans again as soon as possible. "The good news is that I caught this early enough so that through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, I will be able to treat this and return to normal life after it’s over. And of course normal life for me includes rocking with Foreigner!!"

Bluestein has started a blog to document his journey, and from the sounds of it he's doing all the right things already: "I’m doing a lot of reading and research about nutrition now, and I bought a heavy duty blender and lots of veggies and fruit to begin some serious juicing this week."

Foreigner and Bluestein thoroughly rocked our socks off in concert last summer, and we can't wait for him to get better and return to our hometown. You can send your best wishes to him at