While Elton John remains very much in the know about the current music scene, he says there are elements of today's culture he will likely appreciate only from afar.

One of those big no-no's is the big boom of social networking for acts via Twitter. John tells the Sun that he'll never join the site for fear that his mouth would get him in trouble. The vocalist stated, "It would end my career. I'd be in prison after about two days. I mean, no, God almighty. Me and my big mouth, no thank you. That would be the end of my career."

He also says that while he appreciates dance music, fans will likely never hear a true Elton John dance album. He explains, "You won't see me doing a disco record or a dance record or anything like that, because I don't know how. I'm technically a Luddite. I have an iPad, but I don't have a phone. I'm not great on a computer. I don't even have one."

Ironically, John is nearing the top of the charts in the U.K. this week with 'Good Morning to the Night,' an album of remixes of Elton's songs by the group Pnau.