Elton John is a king holding court over a crowd of jokers and jesters in an upcoming Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi. He and 'X Factor' winner Melanie Amaro recently filmed the spot, and shared behind the scenes footage of the ad.

Judging from the scenes in the video below, Elton John is holding a competition to find some decent amusement. Enter Melanie Amaro. The 19-year-old singer is overflowing with talent, and the crowd and king can't resist her. It's not clear how the soda is included, but that will no doubt be obvious come Sunday (Feb. 5).

"She oozes personality," Elton John says of Amaro. "She's very voluptuous, she's cheeky, she's fun." The reality show winner jokes that she was planning on badgering the legend for his secret to selling so many albums.

The commercial takes place in a middle ages castle. Amaro is wearing an old-world gothic hood, but belts a very nuevo version of Aretha Franklin's 'Respect.' The song is her first single since winning the reality show in 2011. In addition to this commercial and a pretty neat trophy, the chanteuse won a $5 million recording contract with L.A. Reid's Epic Records.

Watch a Preview of the Pepsi Commercial Starring Elton John

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