Three months to the day after terrorists in Paris opened fire at a concert by the Eagles of Death Metal, the band played their first full concert. The show took place at the Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden last night (Feb. 13).

They opened up their 15-song set with "I Only Want You" from their 2004 debut, Peace, Love, Death Metal, video of which can be seen below. They also performed covers of the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar," Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer" and their take on Stealer's Wheel's biggest hit, which they call "Stuck in the Metal."

Appearing on the Swedish television show Nyhetsmorgon yesterday, frontman Jesse Hughes was overcome with emotion when he spoke about what it's like to be performing again. "It's a complex feeling," he said in the video below. "There's no simple way to approach it. This is the greatest joy I've ever had in my life is being on stage and performing and being with my friends who are the fans of rock and roll. But, you know, there's a heaviness in my heart that's difficult to pretend like it's not there."

On Nov. 13, the group were about 45 minutes into their concert at the Bataclan in Paris, when terrorists opened fire in the theater. Nearly 90 people, including their merchandise manager, Nick Alexander, were killed. Three weeks later, they returned to Paris to perform with U2, who had two concerts postponed by the attacks.

Hughes described what that moment was like. Calling it a "diabolical synchronicity," the attackers began shooting as soon as "Kiss the Devil" ended. "I knew exactly what was going on," he continued. "I think I might have been the only one in the theater who knew instantly because you could feel the concussive push from the rounds going off. So I was offstage immediately to the side of the stage and Davey [Catching, guitarist] froze for a minute on stage because the house lights went on and he saw things that he'd never seen before in his life."

The Eagles of Death Metal will play in Oslo, Norway tonight. On Tuesday, they return to Paris to play the Olympia.

Jesse Hughes Talks About the Paris Attacks

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