How do you make your own mark in a medium where your world-famous dad has already established a renowned legacy? Duff McKagan's daughter Grace is figuring it out, one song at a time.

The former Guns N' Roses member's 17-year-old offspring has released her first EP as the frontwoman for the Seattle band Pink Slips. Titled Say L’or Venus, the six-track effort showcases a sound she describes as "New Wave/synth-pop/punk but with, like, a modern 2014 twist" — and marks the first official step in a career that, as she tells Glide, has already faced its share of challenges.

"I have a lot of people, not necessarily at my school but friends or people that I thought were my friends like my age, who were always making assumptions or kind of like making fun of my band because they didn’t like know what it was," said McKagan when asked why she decided to release Say L'or Venus now. "They didn’t know anything about it, and they were like, 'She’s in a band, who does she think she is? So let’s like make fun of it.' So I kind of wanted to just put it out, in a way, to prove them all wrong and be like, 'Just listen to it.'"

The band has toured steadily since releasing the EP last summer, playing a variety of high-profile gigs and posting a handful of videos (including one for the single "Foxy Feline," which you can watch above). Telling Glide that "I so need to mature a little bit and find out what I want to do as far as songwriting and stuff," McKagan predicted that work on a full-length LP is still a ways off, and says her biggest goal is paying enough dues to truly make a name for herself.

"I just really hope that my band starts getting recognized more and taken more seriously and not as just Duff McKagan’s daughter’s band," said McKagan. "I want people to really respect me as a performer and think of me as an individual, not just my dad’s daughter. So it’s like an ultimate dream for me and I hope one day that it comes true."

McKagan definitely has her dad's support, as evidenced by this recent tweet letting fans know about her photo spread in an issue of Astonish. To find out more about the Pink Slips, visit the band on Facebook.

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