The latest installment of rock's "Don't Try This At Home, Kids" series comes courtesy of Herman Li of veteran British metal band DragonForce. The guitarist recently performed what is believed to be the first-ever underwater guitar solo on the Full Metal Cruise this week.

During "Through the Fire and Flames," Li began his solo at the edge of a shallow pool. From there he walked into the water and was carried on somebody's shoulders for a few laps. He got out of the water, but at the 3:16 mark, he jumped back in, submerged his whole head and body and continued playing with his guitar on top of his head before getting out after about 20 seconds. He concluded the song with a celebratory jump back in the water on the final chord. As this was going on, the singer and keyboardist were perched atop light towers.

We all know that mixing electricity and water is unsafe. But as his tech explains in the video above, Li -- and everybody else in the pool -- was protected by putting soft rubber and tape around the electrical plate in the back of the guitar and the jack. His wireless belt pack was covered with condoms.

DragonForce are currently on their Maximum Overlord world tour. They have a live video, In the Line of Fire, coming out on DVD/Blu-ray in July. But you're not going to see him playing underwater in the video. Li said at the end of this clip that it's an exclusive for the cruise.

Born in Hong Kong, Li founded DragonForce in London in 1999. They currently have six studio albums to their credit.

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