Former Dio members Vinny Appice and Craig Goldy have teamed up with ex-Lynch Mob singer Chas West and former Dokken bassist Sean McNabb to form a new band, Resurrection Kings, with an album lined up for release early next year.

The band members discuss the way the project came together — and offer clips from the record — in the electronic press kit above, in which West reveals that the Resurrection Kings LP has been in the works for roughly five years.

Saying he and Goldy initially hooked up to write original material after performing together in the cover band Hollywood Allstars, West found himself fronting a new band formed at the behest of Frontiers Music founder Serafino Perugino, who wanted a lineup comprised of what Goldy referred to as "famous guys from the '80s." Goldy set about making Perugino's wish come true, partly by reaching out to former bandmate Appice.

"Craig told me he was doing this project and needed somebody to play drums on it," says Appice in the EPK. "He played me a couple of songs, I loved it, so I said 'Yeah, I'll do it.' ... I thought it came out great."

If it all sounds like a somewhat backward way for a band to come together, McNabb maintains there's no arguing with the end result — or the fact that the label is one of the last businesses catering this enthusiastically to fan demand for a type of music that many other imprints have turned their backs on.

"Basically, it comes down to fans," McNabb notes. "They love this music. They want it, and they want to go see it live. Frontiers is really keeping that going, and I gotta give 'em props for that, because there aren't a lot of labels doing it."

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