Styx fans got a bit of bad news earlier this month, when guitarist Tommy Shaw announced there was practically no chance he’d ever let former frontman Dennis DeYoung rejoin the band.

But, Styx die-hards, don’t lose heart yet. It turns out, DeYoung holds no animosity towards his former bandmate, and he even says (albeit begrudgingly so) that a reunion might not be out of the picture.

"Look, nobody is a bigger fan of Tommy Shaw than me,” DeYoung told Rolling Stone. “The day I met him in 1975 I knew he was going to be a great guitar player, performer and songwriter. I was his biggest fan, and I'm Styx's number one fan. Now am I going to sit here and tell you that it was a bed of roses? (addressing the reporter personally) Bite me, Andy. Bite me. Because I want you to walk out of that little office of yours and talk to three or four of our colleagues and see how much you guys agree on.”

DeYoung also denied that he had any problems with Shaw when they reunited in the '90s, responding to the guitarist's recent comments by saying: “It's not true. At least from my point of view. I don't know what that meant.”

When asked if he would re-join the band despite all the back and forth, at first DeYoung jokily replied, “How much money is involved?" But, he then responded more seriously and indicated that he would indeed return: “I gave that band my life."

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