Guitarist Phil Collen is becoming almost as well-known for his six-pack abs as he is for his shredding guitar riffs for Def Leppard.

The 54-year-old is preparing to release a DVD and book based on the 'Physical Mechanics' training regimen he's been perfecting over the last seven years.

Collen quit drinking and partying in the early '90s, and in recent years has been training with muay Thai martial arts champion Jean Carrillo. For seven years the two men have worked together and now they're ready take their program public.

On Saturday (Jan. 28) Collen will sign autographs at the L.A. Fitness Expo. Carrillo will also be on hand; the two appeared at the expo in 2011 as well. 'Physical Mechanics' is a series of workouts suited for anyone from the first timer to the muay Thai expert. No details have been released as to the exact date of the book and DVD release.

Be sure to check out and sign up for the Ultimate Classic Rock contest to win a guitar autographed by Collen. In addition to his work with Def Leppard, he's been recently shredding and singing on the new Manraze album.

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