Phil Collen, the guitarist for Def Leppard, trains like an athlete to keep up that rock star physique of his. Collen, also the vocalist and guitarist for Manraze, doesn’t get a lot of down time but when he does, he’s working out hard core with his trainer, world class Muay Thai instructor Jean Carrillo.

Collen has a blackbelt in Kenpo and trains traditional Muay Thai while on tour to stay in shape for the stage. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Worldwide Magazine recently did a series called ‘Rock Star Training’ where they were granted backstage access to witness how the 53-year Collen stays in such incredible shape.

Apparently, it’s down to mechanics, Physical Mechanics to be exact. Physical Mechanics is a 3-tiered workout program (developed by Phil and Jean) that incorporates aspects of Muay Thai and weight training combined with proper diet & nutrition. Their course is designed to help anyone, no matter what their level of fitness.

So, if shedding weight, gaining muscle and shredding a guitar is what you’re all about, take notice of Collen’s current physique. He looks better going over the hill than he did in his supposed prime.