"It was a time and place, and you have to be aware of that," says Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen when asked if he thinks his famous band would be able to get off to the same start in today's musical landscape.

In an interview with PennLive.com, the 54-year old musician explained his view that if the band had begun their career in the music business today, they simply would not make it.

Naturally, Def Leppard fans reading this are now shivering at the thought of a world without the music of their favorite band, but don't worry -- they've made it; and they're not stopping. "I think there's something about us that keeps you going," he says. "The things that make other bands split up don't even register with us. The fact that we're out there still touring and writing new music is fascinating. I think we're really blessed."

Collen believes the band's next studio album, which will be their 10th, won't be recorded in a studio, but on the road -- "You can pretty much do it in a trailer." Currently, the band is on a massive tour with Lita Ford and Poison, and are already hard at work on songs for the new record.