We received an e-mail today from a Twitter group of Def Leppard fans requesting the band add more variety to their current tour setlist. The author, Shawn (@Archive625), lays out the numbers behind his case so clearly and compellingly, we thought you should see the entire letter for yourself.

If memory serves us, Def Leppard have addressed this matter in previous interviews, and it is easy to anticipate and understand much of their general position: most fans come to the show to hear the popular hits they remember from earlier in their band's career. Additionally, large-scale touring productions, featuring extensive automated lighting cues and the like, can make it hard for bands to change setlists from night to night.

Still, if all they're asking for is ONE different song a night, maybe the band could...well, you know what?  We'll let you be the judge:

Hello, my name is Shawn I've been a diehard Def Leppard fan since 1980. Thanks for retweeing my tweet yesterday (UCR note: actually, we replied) regarding Def Leppard's lack of change in their setlists. The fans are very frustrated.

Below is Def Leppard's current setlist for the 2011 U.S. tour.  They have played the same setlist 19 out of 20 shows thus far:

1. Undefeated (from Mirrorball 2011)
2. Let's Get Rocked (Adrenalize 1992)
3. Animal (Hysteria 1987)
4. Foolin' (Pyromania 1983)
5. Love Bites (Hysteria 1987)
6. Bass Solo/Rock On (Yeah 2005 Covers) Not even a Def Leppard Song
7. Rocket (Hysteria 1987)
8. Two Steps Behind (Retro Active 1993)
9. Bringin' on the Heartbreak   (High 'n' Dry 1981)
10. Switch 625  Instrumental  (High 'n' Dry 1981)
11. Hysteria (Hysteria 1987)
12. Armageddon It (Hysteria 1987)
13. Photograph (Pyromania 1983)
14. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Hysteria 1987)

15. Rock of Ages (Pyromania 1983)

If you notice, out of these 15 songs being played on this tour only 1 song (and not even a Def Leppard song)  from 1993 to 2011 has been played not including one song from Mirrorball which is a 2011 Release.  That's 18 years worth of original material being pretty much ignored.

Here is the number of songs played from each album on the 2011 setlist:

1981 - High 'n' Dry (2)
1983 - Pyromania (3)
1987 - Hysteria (6)
1992 - Adrenalize (1)
1993 - Retro Active (1)
2005 - Yeah Covers (1) Not even Def Leppard Songs
2011 - Mirrorball (1)

The 5 albums below have been pretty much ignored during their live set.  This type of setlist has been common for the last 6 years. During that time, Def Leppard has been doing package tours and have been consistently playing 85 minutes to 90 minute sets.  There has been no rotating of songs to keep the setlist fresh, it's common to pick the setlist and stay with it the entire tour......tour after tour. It's ridiculous for a band that's been together and releasing original material for over 3 decades to be playing the same songs from the 1st decade of their career while ignoring the next 20 years like it didn't happen.

Not one song is currently being played off of any of these albums:

1980 - On Through The Night (0)
1996 - Slang (0)
1999 - Euphoria (0)
2002 - X (0)
2008 - Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (0)

ALL we are asking as fans is to have some songs rotating in and out of the setlist each night.  1 Song per night that changes in each show.  This isn't much to ask from a fan base that's been loyal for over 30 years.  Through good times and bad.

Great bands like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Metallica and Journey all manage to rotate through songs in their setlist during a tour.  Yet for some reason, Def Leppard picks the same batch of songs and hits cruise control for the rest of the tour.


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