It sounds like we haven't heard the last of Chickenfoot.

A handful of issues have kept the band on hiatus since the release of 2011's Chickenfoot III, but according to guitarist Joe Satriani, they're currently working on a new song — even if it took what he described as some "complaining and foot-stomping" on his part.

"It was really bothering me and I still, philosophically, just felt like there was a really big disconnect there," Satriani admitted during a visit to the GuitCast podcast. "When I started speaking my mind, I think I realized I rattled some feathers there in the 'Foot camp."

With those feathers ruffled, Satriani sent some new music to singer Sammy Hagar, whose reluctance to release more albums into what he sees as a dying industry has been a major factor in the group's inactivity. Hagar responded to the challenge — followed by drummer Chad Smith and bassist Michael Anthony.

"I sent Sam some stuff, and I was surprised to see him respond so quickly with some creative ideas. And I can happily tell you now that there is a track that is circulating through the band," said Satriani. "It's got new drums from Chad on it, it's got new vocals from Sam, and I think Mike is coming at the end of this week to add bass and vocals."

As for what that means in terms of a full-length project, Satriani isn't sure — he's currently promoting his new Shockwave Supernova album, and Hagar has suggested Chickenfoot should stick to special one-off performances — but the possibilities seem open. "There might be something coming," he hinted. "I know there's a song in the works, and I'm working on a few others that I think I can get them to do. So yeah, I think there's hope."

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