There’s been hesitation within the Chickenfoot ranks about calling their collaboration a “supergroup," even though there are a lot of heavy hitters in the lineup, and bassist Michael Anthony recently explained that they’d rather have the project judged on its own merits.

In a recent interview with The Nervous Breakdown, Michael says that "you can be a supergroup without having good songs." He says that all the talent in the world combines to form nothing if the “chemistry” and “magic” isn’t there.

With Chickenfoot, the members knew that they had something special that went far beyond the simple supergroup formula built to play “some arenas, make a bunch of cash, shake hands and go home.”  As you can imagine, Anthony is quite pleased with the results of their efforts.

“We just got together as four friends and said 'Man, this is great. Let’s just hang out and play some music.' Who would have known it was going to turn out into one album and a tour much less? I’ve gotta say that from all aspects of this album, it’s one of the best things that I’ve been involved with.”

Although he’s played some of the largest venues in the world with Van Halen, Anthony looks forward to once again going back to the club level with the upcoming Chickenfoot ‘Road Test’ tour dates. “There’s nothing like sweating it up in a small club, with your fans right in your face.”