Are you a die-hard Chickenfoot fan looking for a way to get a little closer to your heroes? Then the Limited Edition Chickenfoot Fan Pack is right up your alley.

The collector's pack, available in America exclusively via, not only contains a copy of the band’s second album, ‘III,’ but also a whole slew of other goodies: a 132-page magazine devoted to the band (with tons of photos, exclusive interviews and more), an official Chickenfoot guitar pick pack and 3-D glasses paired with a 3-D CD digital book pack with postcards. It's all a steal for just $29.95.

Did we mention that this 'III' edition comes with two exclusive bonus live tracks not included on the actual album?

Really, how much more Chickenfoot could you possible want? To get any closer, you'd have to join the band, like Kenny Aronoff did last month when he temporarily took over for drummer Chad Smith, while Smith hits the road with his main gig, Red Hot Chili Peppers.