Sammy Hagar has nothing but love for Joe Satriani. In a new interview, the Chickenfoot lead singer praises his guitarist's ability to write great music.

Speaking to HDNet Concerts in advance of their performance at Rocklahoma tonight (May 27), Hagar says that their songwriting process is sort of the opposite way that Elton John and Bernie Taupin have written so many classic songs over the years.

"Elton waits for Bernie to write great lyrics and he just hands them to him with no musical thing in mind," Hagar said. "And then Elton writes these fantastic songs. For me, as a lyricist, when I hear Joe's music, it speaks to me. [He's] the well."

The feeling is mutual, according to Satriani. The guitarist credits his respect for his bandmates as pushing him to write the best music he can.

"I'm inspired by the thought of recording with these guys," Satriani modestly countered. "And it's important that it goes beyond just being a professional musician, at least for me. I have to be really inspired and excited that I'm going to write something and Sammy and Mike and Chad are going to really love it, and they're gonna add something to it. They're gonna take it to the next step."

Elsewhere in the interview, the band discuss how they got together.

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