If you find yourself strolling the German countryside in the near future and come across a pair of random underpants, hang onto them -- they might just be Bono's.

ABC News Radio reports that the U2 singer and a small group of his friends were en route from Dublin to Berlin aboard a Learjet 60 last week when the plane experienced what's being referred to as an "in-flight incident" -- which, in this case, means that a door blew out.

The aircraft was reportedly at 8,000 feet when the malfunction occurred, and according to the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation, "the Learjet lost a door where the luggage was put in." While no one was hurt and the plane was able to safely land in Berlin, authorities say everyone's luggage ended up flying out of the baggage compartment somewhere over Germany.

Fortunately, Bono can afford to purchase new outfits and toiletries in a hurry; he was headed to Berlin in order to join U2 for the BAMBI Awards -- Germany's version of the Emmys -- where they're scheduled to perform on Nov. 13. Here's hoping he has a smoother flight back home after the ceremony.