Who could blame fans of drummer/wildman John Bonham's thunderous style from wondering, on any particularly soul-deadening day in class or at the office, what he might have sounded like collaborating outside of Led Zeppelin. Now you can find out.

The new Bonhamizer web site, developed by Paul Lamere and featuring the tagline "some songs just need a little bit of Bonzo," allows you to apply four different rhythm tracks from the late Zeppelin star -- including "Basic Bonham," "Double Time Shuffle," "Bonham Shuffle" and (of course) the cranium-cracking "Hammer of the Gods" -- to any existing track.

Sampling songs that have already been Bonhamized quickly proves to be an addictive delight: Add the 'Hammer of the Gods' sample to Adele, and 'Rolling in the Deep' is rattled to its caterwauling core by a cadence that could bring down buildings. Even the 'Basic Bonham' rhythm sends the Beatles' 'Norwegian Wood' into this head-banging place. Foster the People's super creepy "Pumped Up Kicks" becomes a tough little rocker, just by adding Bonzo's 'Doubletime Shuffle.'

Oh, and if you still haven't wasted enough time at the computer today? Bonhamizer also allows you to upload your own songs.

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