There are three certainties in the world of rock: Death, taxes and reunion tours. We're decades into the classic rock era, and there are only a handful of legendary bands you couldn't have seen on the road in some form or another over the last few years – even if they had called it quits at one point in their careers.

In most cases, no matter how bad the disagreements were that led to bands like Van Halen, the Who and the Eagles breaking up, eventually the creative chemistry (and to be fair, the lure of big paychecks) caused nearly each and every one of them to join forces once again and play their classic songs on the road.

Our gallery of Top 10 Reunion Tours focuses on bands who kept their original lineups together as much as possible, and who went on actual tours. That naturally excludes some fantastic one-off events such as Led Zeppelin's 2007 reunion or Cream's brief series of 2005 dates, but there's still plenty of reconciled legends to talk about as we count down the best reunion tours in rock history.

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