Led Zeppelin guitarist, songwriter and producer Jimmy Page turns 68 years old today (Jan. 9), making this the perfect time to engage in one of the most enduring debates in all of classic rock: Which is the best Zeppelin album?

Of course, the real correct answer is "whichever one is one right now," but suppose you're the one deciding which of their nine studio efforts to play. Do you go with their self-titled 1969 debut, which found them arriving fully-formed, ready to take over the world (which they did), or its almost immediate follow-up 'II,' which kicks off with the immortal 'Whole Lotta Love' and doesn't ever let go of your brain after that?

Maybe you're more into the acoustic touches of 1970's 'III,' the dreamier, extended songs on 'Houses of the Holy' or the double-album treasure trove that is 'Physical Graffiti.' The stripped-down 'Presence' has a special place in many Zep fan's hearts, as does the John Paul Jones-dominated 'In Through the Out Door' and the career-spanning (and alternate future-pointing) 'Coda.'

Of course, we skipped one, the almighty untitled fourth album, which is both amazingly concise and far-ranging, with 'Black Dog,' 'Stairway to Heaven' and many other highlights. Vegas insiders have this one listed as the prohibitive favorite, but as the Pittsburgh Steelers can attest this morning, that's why we play the games, right? Happy birthday Jimmy Page and happy voting to all everyone else!

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