Best Kiss ‘Love Gun’ Song


The last of the six original golden-era Kiss albums, 'Love Gun' found the masked marvels at the height of their creative and collaborative powers.

It seems the only thing the band was doing faster than cranking out anthem-filled hit albums was selling out arena after arena with their increasingly technically impressive stage shows.

(OK, possibly Gene was doing something faster than that, but we're gonna keep things family-friendly here.)

The rapid-fire drum riff of the title song, the blistering kiss-off 'I Stole Your Love' and the piano-heavy 'Christine Sixteen' all quickly entered the Kiss canon, and Ace Frehley turned a near-tragic stage accident into his live signature vocal showcase, 'Shock Me.'

The downright poppy sing-a-long 'Tomorrow and Tonight' and Gene Simmons' nasty, serpentine 'Almost Human' are favorites of ours as well, but sadly, we don't get to vote. So you decide, what is the best Kiss song from 'Love Gun?'