Best Kiss ‘Kiss’ Song – Readers’ Poll


Kiss's self-titled 1974 debut was, of course, at first most noteworthy for the band members' greasepainted facial appearances on the cover. However, over time the true treasure -- the songs inside -- have helped form the foundation of the band's nearly forty-year career.

To this day, you can count on hearing at least half of the songs from this album at any Kiss concert, including long-time show-starter 'Deuce,' the massive '100,000 Years' and traditional set-closer 'Black Diamond.' Other highlights include Paul Stanley's aptly-named 'Strutter' and the undeniably catchy (if somewhat lyrically disjointed) 'Firehouse.'

We're guessing there won't be a ton of votes for the gimmicky cover 'Kissin' Time,' which was added, against the band's better judgement, to later printings of the record when the original version failed to set the charts on fire. But, that's up to you - which song from 'Kiss' is your favorite?