Best Kiss ‘Dynasty’ Song – Readers’ Poll


A lot changed during the nearly two-year gap between ‘Love Gun’ and the next Kiss studio album, ‘Dynasty,’ and while the record sounds fragmented and somewhat neutered as a result, it still features some terrific songs.

In an effort to alleviate some in-fighting, each Kiss member released their own solo record the year prior, to varying degrees of success. Upon reuniting, the band were still clearly not in sync with one another, and a misguided effort to soften their sound didn’t help matters either.

Longtime fans were shocked to hear the syncopated disco beat of lead single ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You,’ and while it was a smash hit around the world, Kiss had officially lost their cool in they eyes of many fans.

In retrospect though, many of the tracks on ‘Dynasty’ are worth a re-listen, particularly Paul Stanley’s moving and melodic ‘Sure Know Something.’ Ace Frehley, riding high after releasing by far the most creatively successful of the solo albums, keeps his streak intact with some strong tunes, including a cover of the Rolling Stones’ ’2,000 Man’ and the life on the streets tale “Hard Times.’ Which 'Dynasty' track are you voting for?