Best Kiss ‘Destroyer’ Song – Readers’ Poll


Having conquered the world largely based on live performances of songs from their first three studio albums -- thanks to their rigorous tour schedule and the resulting multi-platinum sales of their 1975 'Alive!' album -- Kiss set out to prove they could stake out new territory in the studio with 1976's' 'Destroyer.'

To that end, the band hired mega-producer Bob Ezrin to produce the record. He responded by taking the band to their own personal music class, reportedly complete with chalkboards and a coach's whistle, in order to help Kiss write more complex and polished material.

At first, this refined new sound met some resistance from the band's loyal fans, but once songs like 'Detroit Rock City,' 'Shout it Out Loud' and 'God of Thunder' began to reveal their power on the band's newly souped-up concert stages, most changed their tune.

The unexpected success of the tender B-side ballad 'Beth' helped introduce Kiss to a much wider audience, and Kissmania was officially in full swing. Personally (and granted, you didn't ask) more straight-ahead numbers such as 'Do You Love Me?' and 'Flaming Youth' are some of our favorite songs from the album. Which are yours?