Best Kiss ‘Crazy Nights’ Song – Readers’ Poll


If there's one bad trait even the most die-hard fan can rightfully blame Kiss for, it's following trends, and nowhere is that habit more clearly apparent or damaging then on the crappy, keyboard-happy 'Crazy Nights.'

Although their previous album, 1985's 'Asylum,' seemed to indicate the band was attempting to break out of the pop-metal pack and reconnect with their original hard rock sound, the next time out they instead chose to duplicate the overblown and poppy sounds of then-radio kings Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

This chart-chasing decision did not suit their natural strengths very well, and although the band had a minor hit with the extremely average power ballad 'Reason to Live,' there's precious little for true Kiss fans to hold onto here.

In fact, the relatively stripped-down title track, the flashy 'No, No No,' and the surprisingly stomping 'Thief in the Night' are the only keepers in our book.

But hey, what do we know -- we liked 'Unmasked,' remember? -- so go ahead and vote for 'Turn on the Night' or 'My Way' if you want. Please, let's just move on to other records now, OK?