Best Kiss ‘Asylum’ Song – Readers’ Poll


The last of the mid-80's trilogy of successful Kiss pop-metal albums, 'Asylum,' found the band successfully incorporating their fourth lead guitarist in as many years, Bruce Kulick, although the sound that seemed fresh on 'Lick it Up' had grown a bit thin this time around.

Kulick would go on to stay with the band for over a decade, and compared to previous Ace Frehley replacements Vinnie Vincent and Mark St. John, his more traditional approach helped Kiss head back towards their original hard rock roots, but not in time to fully save 'Asylum.'

Regardless, the band's string of successful MTV hits continued with the melodic mid-tempo rocker 'Tears Are Falling,' and both the dramatic 'Who Wants to be Lonely' and the intentionally juvenile 'Uh! All Night' did some damage on the charts as well.

But the real good news for old-school fans was tracks like the Zeppelin-inspired 'Radar for Love,' featuring an extremely excellent instrumental coda, and Gene Simmons' return to more straight-ahead fare such as 'Secretly Cruel' and 'Any Way You Slice It.'

Still, the band wasn't all the way home yet, and a horrific wrong turn is coming up next. Before we get there, please cast your vote for the best Kiss 'Asylum' song!