Best Beatles Love Songs – ‘Something’


1) 'Something'
From 'Abbey Road' (1969)

Was there really any doubt as to what No. 1 would be? Upon the release of 'Abbey Road,' the Beatles' last recorded album, both John Lennon and Paul McCartney put aside their arguments and were able to agree that George's masterpiece was the best song on the album.

'Something' became a standard almost immediately, and has been covered by artists as diverse as James Brown, Julio Iglesias and Frank Sinatra, who mistakenly credited it to Lennon and McCartney onstage. And if you want to hear 'Something' on a new level, next time you're listening to this song on your iPod, remove the left earbud and focus entirely on the right side, which allows you to better hear McCartney's astonishingly brilliant bass line.

Listen to 'Something' by the Beatles: