The Beatles obviously have a very large -- and very dedicated -- fan base, and decades after the Fab Four split, fans continue to put their money where there mouths are, consistently snatching up both new releases like the multi-platinum '1' hits collection and vintage Beatles discs.

Further proof comes with the recent announcement that the 1969 classic 'Abbey Road' was named the top-selling vinyl album of 2011. Vinyl records certainly don't sell anywhere close to what CDs move these days, and vinyl listeners are by no means representative of the record-buying public at large. But still, something inspired that many people to make 'Abbey Road' the best-selling LP more than 40 years after it first hit shelves -- and not only just of 2011, but for the third year in a row.

Is there something in particular about 'Abbey Road' that appeals to vinyl aficionados, or is it generally considered by the majority of fans to be the best Beatles album? Can fans even name a favorite, or is that like picking your favorite child? Either way, 'Abbey Road' certainly faces some tough competition (and obviously we couldn't even list all their albums). So, why not -- let's settle this once and for all.