Bernie Sanders wants to let all the children boogie.

The Democratic presidential candidate greeted supporters in Iowa last night, thanking voters in the state's caucus for turning out on behalf of his campaign — and as you can see in the video above, ending his speech by leaving the stage to the strains of David Bowie's "Starman."

Sanders, once widely perceived as something of a fringe candidate who'd likely be outmatched by frontrunner Hillary Clinton's financial advantage and national campaigning experience, surged to a virtual tie in Iowa, leaving party officials reluctant to officially call what they described as the "closest in Iowa Democratic caucus history." Regardless, Clinton's campaign has declared victory.

Sanders has called for a recount in order to more closely determine the actual vote totals, but the night of the caucus, the mood at his podium was bright, and he later told reporters that he saw the results as "a wonderful start to the national campaign," adding, "Tonight shows the American people that this is a campaign that can win."

The Feb. 1 caucus wasn't the first time the Sanders campaign has used "Starman," which has been heard at a number of his events in recent days. You can even buy an unofficial Bowie/Sanders T-shirt — even though, by Sanders' own admission, he was never really a Bowie fan and can't name a single one of his songs.

Given that Sanders' taste in music leans toward the folk-protest end of the spectrum, that's perhaps not surprising — but whatever happens to be on the senator's iPod, he's enjoyed support from a wide variety of younger artists, as evidenced by this footage from a Jan. 30 rally at the University of Iowa.

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